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7 tips for being less bloated on holiday

Posted 2 years ago by Clare

Worried about feeling sluggish and bloated on holiday? Fear not. Here are some simple tips to follow, which will help reduce that bloat and keep you feeling energised and beach ready.

1. Get your greens in

You can’t really overestimate the benefit of eating greens. They are a form of soluble fibre which is important for healthy bowels, keeping us regular as well as giving us vital nourishment. They also fill you up preventing you from eating too much of less healthy food that is probably available. Pile on the salad, but avoid eating fruit after your meals as this can ferment on top of your food causing you unwanted gas!

2. Keep moving

One of the things that causes our systems to slow down and become sluggish is sitting down all day. Exercise and movement of any kind will help keep your bowels stimulated. When on holiday it’s tempting to lounge by the pool all day, but actually this is not helping your digestion. This is likely to lead to slight constipation which in turn will lead to a feeling of being bloated. You don’t have to track down a gym! Get in the pool and get some lengths in or go out for a walk. There are also some great yoga routines on YouTube.

Certain yoga poses can ease bloating


3. Take your supplements

Instead of throwing your health to the wind on holiday, use the time as a chance to put yourself in the mental place of looking after yourself. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat drink and be merry on holiday, but that you take the time to think about what you aren’t doing for yourself and what you would like to start doing. Reflect a bit. Taking supplements for a sensitive digestion, for example, can really help – both on holiday and then at home. A well-researched probiotic supplement can help combat the bloat. Try OptiBac Probiotics ‘One week flat’ which contains strains of bacteria which help do just that. Pukka have a digestive supplement called ‘After Dinner’ which contains cumin and ginger amongst other things, that really help digestion.

4. Avoid thinking that just because its full board you need to fill up all the time!

Strangely we all tend to eat more when eating out. Being 'full board' on holiday encourages us to fill up to the max each time we sit down whereas normally we might not. Take the opportunity to pick things you know suit you and are healthy with the odd treat in there. Keep the amount on your plate small and stop eating just before you feel full.

Avoid eating everything on offer when full board

5. Keep drinking – water!

It’s tempting to think that cocktails by the pool are hydration but they really aren’t. Make sure you drink lots of water on holiday, especially if it’s hot. Becoming dehydrated is unpleasant for our heads giving us headaches, lethargy and lack of focus, as well as being terrible for our digestion. Again, being hydrated will keep you regular, and will also flush through toxins, helping your liver, and keeping your skin looking healthy.

6. Take your favourites with you.

We all have our little foibles, our favourite foods that save our belly. Just take them with you! For example, if you are off to France and just know that baguettes for breakfast are going to cause you havoc – take your own rye bread. If you are a porridge addict take your oats. It’s always useful to have a few healthy snacks with you too so you don’t reach for an ice cream out of hunger but only do so when you actually want one.

7. Enjoy your holiday

Keep things in perspective. Holidays are to be enjoyed. Getting really worried about putting on a couple of pounds, or that having a few more drinks than you usually do is going to ruin your health, is only going to make you feel stressed and tense. Stress and tension can also make you feel bloated! So take a deep breath, get out for that walk, and enjoy the food you eat.

Happy Health

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