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New beat the bloat products on the market

Posted 4 years ago by Clare

Bloating is a debilitating, frustrating and mood destroying condition. Most of us go through phases in our life where we bloat and are always looking for remedies for this. There are many different reasons why we could be bloating. And of course there are foods which are beneficial to eat and foods which should be avoided. This website lists many of these as well as other lifestyle changes which can help.

Bloating is a debilitating and frustrating condition


However, as health and especially gut health is becoming more and more commonly talked about, live bacteria is an area that is being increasingly focussed on by scientists. Gut bacteria are indeed a very important part of our battle against the bloat, but so are other foods and herbs. There are always new products coming onto the market encompassing these things which can benefit our gut health and in this particular case ease bloating.

Here are some of our favourite new products:

Laurie’s Tummy Loving Sauerkraut

I got very excited trying this product. It seems nearly impossible to get decent sauerkraut in the UK. However this stuff is the real deal. The brand new company is producing 3 variations. ‘Original Sauerkraut’ which is the traditional and most versatile version, ‘Beet Sauerkraut’ that tastes warm and is quite crunchy, and a ‘Kimchi Kraut’ which is hot and smoky. These are all raw and fermented and contain a great source of live bacteria as well as vitamins, minerals & enzymes. This is an excellent addition to a meal which will benefit your aim to reduce bloating. It’s also seriously the best sauerkraut I have tasted since my Austrian grandmother made it. Available in stores July 2015.

Sauerkraut is a good source of bacteria and enzymes

Pukka digestive range

I’m not quite sure when Pukka launched the various products in this range but they are new to me and I love them. This range extracts their herbs and spices using a ‘wholistic’ technology which means they capture the whole goodness of the plant making the product purer and more potent. The 'Wholistic Aloe Vera' is very useful for aggravated, ‘sore’ digestive systems. 'Wholistic Triphala' is a concentrated blend of Triphala fruits which assist with regularity but also nourish and rejuvenate the digestive tract tissues aiding with inflammation and bloating. 'After Dinner' is a divine product. A combination of 7 seeds including fennel, cumin, ginger root making this a wonderful anti-bloat tonic. Personally I love the smell of the capsules (a little weird I know) but you really get the feel you are eating fresh spices. The smell reminded me of grinding spices in a pestle and mortar for a meal. I found the 'Wholistic Aloe Vera' calmed my stomach in the morning and the 'After Dinner' really kept my tummy flatter after meals. I recommend these products to help alleviate bloating. Consider their digestive and calming teas too as these can be a useful string to your bow. Available from health food stores.

Certain carmative spices can help ease bloating after eating

Wedderspoon gold 100% raw organic beechwood honey

This raw honey is harvested by bees from Beechwood trees in New Zealand and is high in oligosaccharides and minerals. When oligosaccharides are consumed, the undigested part are prebiotic and feed our gut bacteria and are therefore beneficial to gut health. If you are not keen on other prebiotic foods try this one! It has a lovely sweet woody flavour to it and is a delicious way to feed your healthy bacteria! I have to admit to just eating it off the spoon. It tastes raw and organic and doesn't have that sickly sweet after taste in your mouth that regular honey can have. Truly delcious and healthy. Available from Ocado among other stores.


Raw beechwood honey contains a prebiotic that feeds gut bacteria

Special Uberti apple cider vinegar

This organic apple cider vinegar from France is something else! It does pack quite a punch but is well rounded and very tasty. The fact that it contains a huge number of plant extracts makes it different from other apple cider vinegars and to be honest I believe this is what makes it taste so rounded. The added plant extracts make it an extra healthy option. Apple cider vinegar is a well known digestive aid as it boosts low stomach acid. Take a spoonful in water before your foods to relieve bloating. Available from health food stores in the UK from July 2015.


Miso Tasty

This is a beautifully packaged and indeed very tasty miso soup! Miso is naturally rich in protein, B vitamins, vitamin K, and fibre. Studies have also discovered that miso contains enzymes and bacteria that aid digestion and the absorption of nutrients. An enhanced digestion will help alleviate bloating. Miso helps protect the stomach lining from pathogenic bacteria. In addition the live cultures in it will be beneficial further down the digestive tract and enhances immunity. This soup is packaged up so you can make your soup with the paste then add in a little mix of wakame and spring onions which unfurl in front of your eyes into beautiful leaves of seaweed. It’s got a well rounded fresh taste and is a wonderful snack to fill you up. You can also load it with other vegetables or noodles to make it a meal. Well done misotasty. These are in my handbag at all times.

Miso soup is a great source of live cultures and enzymes

We are all unique! We have a unique genetic makeup, unique diet and lifestyle and unique symptoms and therefore needs. Sometimes finding the right product for you can be trial and error and what works for one person may not work for another. In general though I would say all the products above could benefit both your gut bacteria and digestion and in doing so reduce your bloating! Happy health.

If you want to learn more about beating the bloat read 6 tips to flatten your stomach.

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