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5 Quick Fixes for Bloating - All Natural

Posted 6 years ago by Lou

Sometimes you just need a quick fix for your bloating - after a meal and before a night out, for an important post-lunch meeting, or just generally when you're feeling uncomfortable and need some speedy relief.  I'd always recommend you take time to understand what is causing your bloating, rather than applying a quick solution. However, as I spoil you, here are some remedies which should work pretty fast, and naturally - without having to turn to medicines. 

1. Herbal help

Drinking herbal teas is one of the quickest and most easy ways to reduce bloating. Having a lovely hot tea after a big meal, or whenever you feel bloated can give you almost instant relief. Peppermint tea is probably the most well know carminative tea for reducing bloating, although fennel and chamomile teas can also be very effective. 

These same herbs in the form of aromatherapy oils can be massaged directly onto the abdomen as well - which can have a direct effect on enhancing digestive function. These precious essential oils can be quite potent though so make sure you dilute them in a carrier oil such as almond or coconut oil before applying. Use gentle circular motions and wait a while after eating a heavy meal (about 30 minutes should be enough time) before trying this quick fix for bloating.

 Healing Herbs

 Harness the healing power of herbs to relieve your bloating. Read more about herbs for bloating here.

2. Be mindful

This one is easy and free and you can experience the benefits quite quickly! Be mindful of how much you are eating, as well as how fast your food is being consumed; this can have a very positive effect on your general digestive function, reducing the chances of bloating.

Ways to slow down and be more aware of the way that you eat:

  • Chew each and every mouthful whilst really savouring all the flavours and textures.
  • Sit down to eat in a relaxed setting and avoid eating at your desk - this helps bring the focus to the food in front of you and keeps you in the moment too.
  • Be truly present whilst eating each meal - this makes you more aware of not only what you are eating, but also how much you are actually consuming which can make you feel more easily satisfied and less likely to overeat.

 3. Bring back the warmth

Bloating is often a sign that your digestion is sluggish and underactive. Adding warmth to your foods can make them more easily digestible whilst enhancing gut function (and this of course has a wonderful effect on reducing bloating). Add spices to your cooking can increase circulation to the digestive system and cinnamon and ginger are great examples of spices that warm up our tummies. Read more about spices and ayurverdic remedies for bloating here.

Also, make sure that foods and drinks are not too cold when you consume them. This can help beat bloating as warm foods are more easily assimilated into the digestive system.  Even letting your foods warm up to room temperature can make them easier to break down and absorb so if you are eating salads or sandwiches take them out of the fridge half an hour before time for lunch.

 Ginger and cinnamon tead

 Beat bloating with a ginger, cinnamon and lemon tea.

4. Move it (and lose the bloating!)

Often the last thing you feel like doing after eating is getting off that couch (and out of that food coma!), but going for a gentle walk after meals is a fab idea as it boosts circulation and can stimulate digestion. Be careful not to make it too vigorous or too soon after eating though (wait about half an hour), as this can actually have the opposite effect, directing blood away from digestive organs and into working muscles. 

5. Add some finishing touches

Try eating some aromatic spices such as fennel, cardoman or aniseed at the end of the meal to really finish it off properly. In India and Pakistan, mukhwas (usually a combination of aromatic spices such as fennel and aniseed) are commonly eaten after meals to improve digestion and reduce bloating (and they also freshen the breath which is a bonus!). I know from experience that having a small handful of this fragrant mix after meals really improves my digestion and reduces any bloating and heaviness that I may be experiencing. Keep in mind that some mukhwas can be quite high in sugar though so try to avoid these ones.


  Find an easy recipe for mukhwas here

Obviously these tips won’t suit all types of bloating and if your symptoms persist I would suggest that you spend some time working out specifically what causes bloating for you.  For even more effective tips for reducing bloating quickly, take a look at this blogpost which organises remedies according to how much time you have (genius!) Do let me know if you have any other quick tips for alleviating bloating in the comments below.

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About Lou Bowler

Lou is an Australian naturopath with a background in psychology. She specialises in iridology, herbalism, flower essences and nutritional therapy. Lou believes that good health and vitality is about achieving balance in all aspects of life.

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