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Tips for Loving YOURSELF & Valentines Competition worth £95!

Posted 6 years ago by Sarah

Valentine's day will flutter its little Cupid wings our way in less than a week.  Whether you're all loved up at the moment or enjoying the single life, we're urging you to forget about everyone else this year, and just commit to loving yourself!

Making a conscious decision to be happy and love yourself is one of the best things you can do for your health.  I really believe that tons of digestive health conditions, from bloating to eczema, are strongly linked to one's wellbeing and happiness.  Research continues, for example, to link digestive health problems to stress.  

Life can indeed be stressful, and we can all put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be and act and look the way we think we 'should'.  So I wanted to write a post reminding you to love and appreciate yourself, and here are my tips for doing so!

1.  Learn to RELAX. 


Image from

Give yourself a break and learn to unwind and relax.  Try a nice long soak in the bath - with magnesium to soothe tired muscles. And candles of course! I love these magnesium flakes from Better You.


2. Get some new stuff!  

Hate to push the consumerism stuff too much, but new stuff does make you feel good doesn't it?  Especially if its about loving and respecting your body to the max.  It will be with you for life!  If you don't want to spend money, why not win yourself some freebies - Our pals at OptiBac Probiotics are hosting a competition with natural health companies Comvita (gorgeous natural product, skincare, and manuka honey) and Unbeelievable Health (amazing supplements for immunity).  Enter by Valentine's for your chance to win £95 of healthy goodies and natural health skin stuff for your lovely self. Do it now! 


Enter today with OptiBac on Facebook - enter by end of play Valentines Day.


3. Work OUT.

I know it doesn't sound like fun when you have to get up early for a run, but I promise - the endorphins released during excercise will have you feeling great by the end.  And if you do your excercise in the morning, you can feel super smug for the rest of the day! Enjoy it.


4. Meditate.

Take some time for yourself, do some deep breathing, appreciate your mind and body, and let in the light.  For those on twitter, follow @SpritualFever for some great tips in getting into the spiritual mindset.


5. Love Yourself, for who you are.

Say 'I love you' to yourself in the mirror every morning; repeat mantras about loving yourself; write yourself a list of things you love about yourself; I don't mind how you do it, just love YOU!  Why not surround yourself with images to remind you this too.  Here's a small collection of 'love yourself' images I've put together:



love yourself



love yourself

I think this last one is important, and one to which most women can relate.  I really believe we live in a world which puts too much pressure on us to focus on our looks - women in particular.  Check out this website for more inspiring messages about loving and accepting your body - no matter how you look!  If you want to do more for womankind in general, check out the One Billion Rising day of action on the 14th February here. 

Don't forget that tons of natural health and beauty tips are available on the rest of this site - all focused on home remedies and natural solutions to help you feel better in yourself.  

About Sarah

Sarah Newcombe is a freelance health writer with a particular interest in complimentary and natural health.

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