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Bacteria in your body: Listen to it!

Posted 7 years ago by Adam

Hi there! How are you? Oh, dear. A bit bloated? Tight and painful stomach? I know. I can almost feel the pressure from where I am. And I think you’re also a bit gassy and windy too. Am I right? But don’t worry. I can help. I’ve been wanting to have this little chat with you for some time.  You, along with most people, simply don’t know what a good job I do and how important I am to your health. In fact I would go as far to say that I actually prevent disease and help to keep you alive. Everyone needs a bit of recognition don’t they?

You see, I’m one of your beneficial bacteria, and I live in your intestines. There are trillions of us probiotic bacteria, and we are the tops for helping digestion. I live in your intestines. I hang out on the wall of this big tube waiting for some food to come along so I can get to work on it.

I help to break down food and extract as many nutrients as I can, because what I leave just goes to waste. And I also keep bad bacteria from taking over and causing health problems. Trouble is, we’re a bit short-staffed at the moment. Some of the food you have been eating hasn’t been digested by your stomach and small intestine as well as it should, and other food has started to ferment because it’s been a bit slow in getting to us. That’s what causes excess gas. And when there aren’t enough of us friendly bacteria, some nasty characters around here try to stop us doing our job. When bad bacteria see we are weak as we are now, they try to take over. Believe me, you wouldn’t want that.

Wait! There’s something coming down now. It’s a bit mashed up from being chewed and mixed with acid in the stomach and partly digested by the small intestine. Wow! You had a bit of a blow out didn’t you? Was it a celebration? Ooh, what’s this? Looks like lamb. Very fatty, and a bit undercooked in my opinion. And lots of beans! There’s some carbohydrate – that’s a tough one, and some fibre, and how did you manage all that bread? And I see a naughty rich pudding with double cream.  And if you don’t mind me saying, just a little too much fizzy wine. You do give me some challenges don’t you? And if I may say, you’ve been doing that for some time with your diet (we might need a chat about that sometime).

L. lactis Rosell-1058

A particular probiotic strain, L. lactis R-1058 

Help! We’re not doing too well down here again. Sorry, there’s some more gas coming up – quite a bit actually. And those bad bacteria are getting the better of us. Time to call for reinforcements. Do me a big favour (and yourself) and send us down some extra probiotic bacteria. Got a pen? I’ll tell you what we need. Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52 Bifidobacterium bifidum Rosell-71, Lactobacillus casei Rosell-215 and Lactococcus lactis Rosell-1058. You can get all those in one supplement, here.

That should do the trick. Oh, and thanks for listening. I’m sure you’ll feel better soon.

Bye for now.

About Adam Whitby

Adam has been involved in health and medicine for over thirty years, mostly reviewing clinical studies for general practitioners, writing patient information leaflets and producing medical video programmes.

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