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3 Remedies for Bloating

Posted 7 years ago by Adam

During World War 2 the German leader Adolf Hitler apparently suffered some extreme digestive problems, so much so that his personal physician, Dr Theo Morell, noted that ‘constipation and colossal flatulence occurred on a scale seldom encountered before.’ Meanwhile, the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was experiencing episodes of deep depression which he referred to as his ‘black dog.’

I know someone who has suffered regularly from a bloated and tight stomach, pains in the abdomen and chest, excess wind and loud gurgling noises in the gut. She calls it her ‘monster’ but I call him the fearsome Borborygmus. He likes to cause discomfort and pain whenever he can, and doesn’t mind making embarrassing noises at any opportunity. He survives on decomposing and fermenting food, and is himself the product of bacteria. You’ll certainly know he’s there if you suffer from bloating or a distended tight stomach, and excessive wind.

Borborygmus describes a noise that comes from the gut such as rumbling, growling or gurgling. These noises (plural Borborygmi) are caused by the normal system of muscular contractions which move the food we eat along the digestive tract from the stomach and intestines, a process known as peristalsis. But these muscular movements also occur when there is no food to move, so the noises produced tend to echo through the empty tubes and passages and cause the growling noises we often associate with hunger.

Normally these noises cause no problem, but when food is not being properly digested and broken down it can start to ferment, and in doing so will create more gas than usual. This may cause just mild discomfort, but can also lead to pain and bloating of the stomach. Digestion of food is not only carried out by the body’s digestive juices, but also by bacteria which complete the job. The human gut contains a huge mixture of bacteria and yeasts known collectively as the gut flora.

3 things you can do about bloating:

  1. Avoid things which are either difficult to digest or are known to cause gas, such as beans, cabbage, sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, yeasty bread, alcohol, fruit juices, fizzy drinks, and sweeteners.
  1. Drink more water (at least 2 litres a day) and eat more lentils, lean meat, chicken, fish, green apples, yoghurt, oats and brown rice.
  1. Top up your good bacteria every day with a probiotic.  This is an effective way to support your digestive system.  In theory, the more your gut flora becomes balanced, the more you can eat from item one.

Now that’s bye bye to Borborygmus and hello to a flatter stomach.

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About Adam Whitby

Adam has been involved in health and medicine for over thirty years, mostly reviewing clinical studies for general practitioners, writing patient information leaflets and producing medical video programmes.

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