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Natural remedies for bloating

Posted 7 years ago by Adam

People are increasingly seeking out natural solutions for bloating and similar health conditions.  Throughout my 30 years working in the health and medicinal industry I have seen a gradual but evident consumer shift towards products which are deemed to be 'natural' as opposed to a concoction of compounds perceived to be 'chemical'.  There is certainly still a need for allopathic medicine, and we should not take for granted the huge advancements which have been made in the field of medicine. 

However people with certain health conditions; recurring bloating, constipation, IBS, and less known more complex conditions like autism, fibromylagia and so on; find that 'normal' medicine does not seem to have the answer for them.  Their GP's answers suddenly seem insufficient.  For these reasons people are turning to natural or herbal remedies, which can have the added benefits of fewer side effects than medicines, and often a cheaper and easier option to source.  

When it comes to bloating, a condition thought to affect millions worldwide, there are some dietary changes which can be made to help prevent bouts of gas and bloating. This article on natural news lists 13 natural remedies for bloating:

Otherwise take a look around the rest of the site for more ideas to combat bloating, including probiotics and prebiotics, herbal solutions, and straight forward healthy eating.  Above all please add your thoughts and comments so we can all learn from each other!

About Adam Whitby

Adam has been involved in health and medicine for over thirty years, mostly reviewing clinical studies for general practitioners, writing patient information leaflets and producing medical video programmes.

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