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How to reduce bloating - 3 Videos

Videos can be a great source of quick and easily digestible information (pun not intended!). I've watched a lot of clips on bloating, and below are three of the best videos that I could find. They explain what bloating is and offer a few tips to help you reduce and avoid bloating. I've also transcribed the videos if you ever need to quickly refer back to a specific bit of advice.

Carly Rowena - No more bloating : Flat tummy tips!

Carly is one of my favourite bloggers at the moment, she's very personable, funny and extremely helpful when it comes to bloating and other tummy problems. In the video below, Carly talks about a couple of natural products (that we love too!) that she's tried to help with bloating.

Read more about probiotics for bloating.


A Healthy Diet - Reduce Bloating

The 'A Healthy Diet' YouTube channel is packed full of great weight loss videos. The video below has five great tips on naturally reducing bloating whilst you're trying to lose weight.


Dr. Susan McGladdery - Bloating Health Byte

Dr. Susan McGladdery is a family physician with over 20 years medical experience. In the video below, Susan explains what bloating is and suggests cutting back on a few specific 'gas producing' foods (e.g. broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bakes beans).


Video Transcripts

Carly Rowena

So for the first time ever we have a really bright sunny day, so I thought I would sit out in the garden and have a chat with you all about a couple of products I've been using. OptiBac sent me a couple of things; you might have seen in a couple of posts that I talk about the fact that I can't go the toilet. I'm a real girl! I actually can't go the toilet. I probably go to do a number 2 once a week. Not that you guys want to know this, but I've always had problems with it.

So this company sent me out a couple of things to try out. The first one was actually to give you a lovely flat tummy in seven days. It was a sachet a day which you just put in your water. IT doesn't taste of anything at all, you wouldn't even know you were putting something else in it. I had it every morning with my cereal. After the first three days I would say that my stomach was a little bit more bloated if anything, but by the fourth it was really flat. I tend to get a little bump right at the bottom here, if I haven't gone to the toilet or just if I've eaten quite a heavy meal, but it completely went after using this so I was really chuffed. I was just gutted because it was a seven day one because I would like to keep doing it!

The other thing I've been trying which was sent to me really kindly is to aid your digestion. It promotes the friendly bacteria which helps your digestive system. All it is, is a little sachet like this. You cut off the top, or peel it off and put it in your water. This does have more of a taste, my boyfriend didn't like it so he put it in his juice and then he couldn't taste it at all, but I was fine with it. I think he was just being a bit of a wuss. It's 30 days long and I've only had about four or five of them and wahey I'm definitely going like once a day which is amazing! It’s really nice to try, you know, getting a bit of good bacteria, changes up your drink for a little while. It's definitely something to see whether things are working.

If anyone else is having problems, sort of in that area with your digestion I would just recommend cutting out foods that you think might be giving you a problem for a week and then try introducing them again, and if you have the same problem again then it's probably that food. You can always go to your doctor if you're having issues. I have had colonics, so if anyone wants to talk to me about that, I will happily talk to you. I know… It’s not gross. There's nothing that goes up your bum, I definitely wouldn't be doing that. If you have any questions just shout. I would fully recommend, really happy with it. And they are on Twitter (@optibac), they are always really helpful. The boys are testing them out as well actually, because I know a couple of the guys have had problems too. Cheers guys, bye!

[Click here for more information on probiotics for bloating.]

A Healthy Diet

Hi everyone, so today we’re going to talk a little bit about a frustrating problem that I know a lot of dieters’ experience, which is bloating. You could be doing all the hard work, eating well, exercising right and seeing progress and the next morning you wake up and it looks like you’ve gained 5 pounds. Well you actually haven’t gained 5 pounds of fat, what’s happened is that you’re just a little bit bloated.

Bloating can happen for a number of reasons, and is very likely to occur at any point in the time when you’re dieting. It sometimes can mask your progress, you might think that you’re doing great and then wake up and you see this and it could set you back, it could send your motivation levels plummeting because you’re just like ‘well what am I doing wrong?’. Really, you’re doing nothing wrong, it’s just bloating.

So what we’re going to look at today is what you can do to reduce bloating. First thing’s first is that you need to watch your sodium. Sodium is something that a lot of people are aware of that they should be cutting, but they aren’t as aware of where it tends to hide. While you could stop using the salt shaker at the table, there’s a lot of sodium in some of the common foods that you might be eating, so you need to dig a little further and find where those foods are. Some examples are cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a fantastic source of protein, except for the fact that it is very high in sodium. You can purchase lower sodium varieties, so I would suggest taking a look at that. If you can get those they’re going to have a lesser effect on your bloating.

Salt, pepper, herbs and spices are also quite high in sodium. So check and see if there’s Mrs. Dash or maybe some sodium free spices. Try using those instead; it’s really going to make a difference. Canned foods as well as frozen foods also tend to be quite high in sodium, so make sure you’re taking a good look at any of those items that you’re using and consider replacing with fresh if you can, chances are it’s going to be a lot lower in sodium.

The next thing that you can do to decrease bloating is to check and see you might have some food insensitivities. A lot of people deal with dairy as well as gluten products. If you happen to have a gluten intolerance and you eat something that has wheat in it, you’re going to notice that you’re getting bloated. So if you really, really are struggling significantly with bloating, it’s time to start eliminating these and seeing if it makes a difference on how you look and how you feel. Dairy, again, is another problem. The lactose in dairy, a lot of people can’t tolerate, so if you find that you get really bloated after you eat dairy and you get a bit of an upset stomach, start thinking about trying to reduce your dairy consumption and seeing if it makes a difference. Chances are it will and then you know that dairy is going to be a no-no for you.

[For more information on food intolerances, please read our blog post]

Another thing to watch with bloating is diet soda. Diet soda, a lot of people turn to because its sweet, it’s calorie free so it seems perfect for your fat loss diet. But, it’s going to cause bloating. The carbonation in it is going to go in the stomach, cause bloating and it’s going to make you look bigger, it’s going make you feel kind of miserable. It’s going to satisfy your craving for something sweet, but you have to weight the pros and cons. Is it worth it for how it’s going to make you look?

Similar is gum. When you’re chewing the gum, you’re taking in a lot of air, and any time you get excess air in your system, that’s what’s causing the bloat. Again, chewing gum is calorie free, it can help satisfy your craving for something sweet but you’re getting bloated.

Bloating isn’t permanent, you know, it’s not going to set you back but it is maybe going to influence your motivation. A lot of people when they see their stomach is getting thinner, they think they’re doing everything right and they get motivated to carry on. But if you keep getting bloating it’s going to affect your motivation and it might cause you to eat things which you shouldn’t.

Finally, the fourth thing you can do for bloating is exercise. Cardiovascular exercise, as long as you don’t take it to the extreme, is going to help to decrease bloating as well. It’s going to get the blood circulating, it’s going to get you burning up calories, and it’s going to help decrease extra water that you’re retaining. Get in the odd cardio session when you’re feeling bloated and that should help you notice a difference as well.

So there are four things you can do to help bloating, and deal with it more productively and not let it get you down. Remember it’s not going to influence your total fat loss progress, but you should try and minimise it just to let you feel like you’re at your best at all times.

Dr. Susan McGladdery

The full video transcript can be found on

For more information on natural remedies for bloating, please look at this article.


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