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How to reduce bloating - 3 Videos

Videos can be a great source of quick and easily digestible information (pun not intended!). I've watched a lot of clips on bloating, and below are three of the best videos that I could find. They explain what bloating is and offer a few tips to help you reduce and avoid bloating. I've also transcribed the videos if you ever need to quickly refer back to a specific bit of advice.

Carly Rowena - No more bloating : Flat tummy tips!

Carly is one of my favourite bloggers at the moment, she's very personable, funny and extremely helpful when it comes to bloating and other tummy problems. In the video below, Carly talks about a couple of natural products (that we love too!) that she's tried to help with bloating.

Read more about probiotics for bloating.


Yoga for Digestion Flow - Yoga with Adriene

Movement is important for reducing bloating, as is reducing your stress levels. Yoga combines these two things beautifully. This video is by Yoga with Adriene, who I particularly like for her grounded and sensitive attitude towards our bodies and health. Her YouTube channel is packed full of great yoga workouts for all levels. This one is particularly designed to work on your digestive health.


Dr. Susan McGladdery - Bloating Health Byte

Dr. Susan McGladdery is a family physician with over 20 years medical experience. In the video below, Susan explains what bloating is and suggests cutting back on a few specific 'gas producing' foods (e.g. broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bakes beans).


For more information on natural remedies for bloating, please look at this article.


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