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About the authors: Adam has been involved in health and medicine for over thirty years, and Brendan is a naturopath, nutritionist and yoga teacher.

About BloatingTips

The BloatingTips website is sponsored by OptiBac Probiotics, but content is provided by community members and independent health writers like Brendan and Adam. The aim of this website is to provide unbiased information and natural health advice for anyone researching or suffering from bloating. We hope you find this site a useful resource! Please take a look around, and add your own tips for bloating.

Brendan O’Loughlin


Hi, I’m Brendan O’Loughlin, an integrative naturopath, nutritionist and yoga teacher. I’ve completed training in Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Yoga, Iridology and Live Blood Analysis and continue to crave understanding about how other systems of medicine and therapy can help to optimise our health, attitude, adaptability and equanimity.

This passion has taken me around the world having practiced and studied in Australia, India, Asia and the United Kingdom. While influenced heavily by the understandings and techniques of various cultures and systems, my approach with clients has always focused on assisting people implement lasting dietary and lifestyle habits and encouraging them to better manage their own health and future wellbeing.

The digestive system is fundamentally important to wellbeing, so I hope the information presented here is of some benefit to bloating sufferers.


Brendan O’LoughlinLou Bowler

Hi, I'm Lou and I am a naturopath from Australia. I was initially drawn to a career in psychology that focused on understanding the human intellect, but soon realised that this was only part of the complete person. My naturopathic studies have revealed to me that mental, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects all contribute significantly to the individual.

I now base my practice on assessing both mind and body, and implement a holistic treatment which encompasses both traditional and evidence-based practices. I specialise in herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, dietary advice, flower essences and iridology.

I have just returned from the UK where I spent time working for a nutritional company and travelling the world. I believe that health and vitality is about finding balance in all areas of life, and I am inspired by making natural products, enjoying great food and travelling. I also spend my time blogging, writing articles and making the most out of every day.


Jo SaundersJo

I am Jo Saunders, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, with a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition. Naturopathic Nutrition takes a holistic (whole) approach towards using food to help heal the body. I enjoy writing articles and blog posts for a number of both online and offline resources such as magazines and websites, and like helping to make scientific and research articles accessible to the public.

I hope you find this website informative and easy to use, as a ‘one stop shop’ for all things related to bloating. There are some very handy tips, as well as many blog posts exploring issues around bloating and various dietary tips that may help reduce your symptoms.


Adam WhitbyAdam

Hello. I'm Adam Whitby. I've been involved in health and medicine for over thirty years, mostly reviewing clinical studies for general practitioners, writing patient information leaflets, updating hospital policies and procedures, and producing medical video programmes.

I recommend reading and writing to keep the mind active, and I suggest that people consider simple and natural supplements to take at home which could provide relief from digestive problems, together with making a contribution to overall health, disease prevention, and daily wellbeing.

If you ask me, bloating is an all too common symptom amongst people of all ages, genders and backgrounds.  And unfortunately its one that people do not talk about enough.  I hope the articles on this site can help bloating sufferers to step back and analyse their situation, and see how to treat it in a holistic & natural way. 


Sarah NewcombeSarah

My name is Sarah Newcombe and I am a freelance health writer with a particular interest in complementary and natural health.  I have written for offline and online publications, including websites like and, and I pride myself on digesting scientific information into easily understood language.  I hold a first class degree in languages and am looking forward to further education in nutrition. I like the ethos of this website because it encourages taking a holistic approach to digestive complaints like bloating, and I look forward to contributing to BloatingTips.


Katie Wheaton


Hi, I'm Katie and I am a Nutritional Therapist and Natual Chef from Cambridge. I was initially drawn to a career in the arts, but as my long-standing health conditions got worse I began a pilgrimage to healing; I wanted to heal myself naturopathically and get to the root cause of my symptoms. Fixing my gut was one part of the puzzle on my road to health and addressing digestive health now forms the premise for all of my healing protocols.

A personalized approach is key, and my training in Functional Nutrition underpins my consultations as well as my subsequent training in Nutrigenomics, which looks at the effects of nutrients on gene expression. Three years of study has allowed me to hone my knowledge of nutrition and gut healing foods, and alongside my clinical practice, I also work with families and organizations offering plant-powered nutritional catering.